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Small Wardrobe

by | Apr 27, 2015 | Storage Solutions


If you thought your small wardrobe was not used to its max you weren’t alone thinking the same. Here are a few tips on how to max every inch of the small wardrobe you own.

Analyse your needs Look at the approach with a different frame of mind and know the purpose of having such a small closet at home. Should you have too many clothes for every season of the year, organise them accordingly. Keep the seasonal clothes at bay or in hall closets for now, store what you need for the climes at the moment. Office and kids supplies should be in the study, not the closet!

Which to keep Which clothing item would you need to keep now?

For example, if it is summers now, you’d need to have cotton items around the most; woollens and synthetic clothing can find other storage spaces in other rooms- the hall closets would be best homes for them till the right season approaches. Office and kids supplies Folders, papers, office documents, ream boxers etc, they all should be in the study room. You could also consider buying craft and work dollies- keep your supplies in them and mark them for future use.

In doing so, you would have a closet meant well for the clothes and accessories, and not for office and school supplies- the latter should have a space of its own, elsewhere. Measure the space Measure the vertical and horizontal space features of the closet, and find supplies that would fit easily in them. Look through catalogues, which have dimensions spoken off, helps making the choice easier. We hope these tips on how to max the closet storage space comes in handy. If you need more help, please get in touch with us and our designer would love to speak with you.