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Bedroom Storage Solutions

by | Apr 27, 2015 | Storage Solutions

It can be challenging keeping everything tidy in a bedroom, especially if you are restricted with drawer and hanging space. It is tempting to start boxing up personal belongings to donate to charity shops just to regain your own space again.

Built in wardrobes offer a wonderful storage solution, you can hide away the clutter from the room by using the space in the most practical way. Hand fit wardrobes suit the room dimensions perfectly rather than just trying desperately to slot a freestanding wardrobe in a less than ideal spot and then working the rest of the furniture around it.

Usually these types of wardrobes are built from floor to ceiling so they also maximise the amount of storage you have.

It stops the unsightly habit of storing items on top of the wardrobe, which can soon look very untidy and ruin the overall look of the room. One little box soon is joined by another and before you realise it the whole top of the wardrobe has been covered in belongings.

Being involved in the design of built in wardrobes means you have so much more flexibility, you can hide aspects of your room you are not as keen on and bring out the best features instead.

It can work out cheaper than redesigning the room, as fitted furniture can hide a multitude of sins and make the room look sleek again. Depending on the size of the room you can use fitted furniture to divide the sleeping area and enjoy having a separate dressing area.

You can experiment with the layout when you speak to a designer, they will want to make sure your furniture is tailored to your lifestyle and individual needs. If you go bespoke you can benefit from extra features, you can incorporate shoe racks, trouser rails and additional hooks to hang clothes.

You have the freedom to come up with the ideal wardrobe solution for your room and it can really make a difference to the aesthetic appearance of your bedroom. Not everyone has the same storage requirements, some people have lots of shoes and others might collect books so the furniture will be very individual to them and their needs.

I crave hotel stays because the rooms are always so much more modern and calming. If you do not get a tight reign on your belongings they can soon monopolise your room and it’s not a tranquil place of rest anymore.

Often it feels like an obstacle course just to make it to bed of an evening. It can help to have additional storage integrated into the bed itself, towels and bedding can be conveniently stored in an ottoman bed for example freeing up more room for other belongings in the wardrobe.

Before attempting any drastic changes make a mood board and see what option suits your room best. It’s amazing how even the smallest of rooms can be transformed with a little thought and the right furniture.